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Hi everyone,

As you may have seen we have started an English forum part on the Greek forum. This is done because of the Turkish, Spanish and other countries players that are playing the Greek version.

But with this new forum comes new rules, and those are posted down bellow.

Rules are made to be followed

1 When writing a message in-game in English, the Greek player must accept to speak English with you. If he or she does not accept that you are speaking English to him or her, then you must translate your text to Greek (by getting a translator in the game).

2 Creating tribes (φυλές) that only English or other not Greek language speaking people are allowed in is not allowed.

2.1 An English tribe may have a profile in English, but they must translate it in Greek to.

2.2 In the in-game forums English is allowed. And messaging your tribe mates in English is also allowed.

2.3 Posts made in Greek in the tribe forum do not need a translation. Do you want one then ask someone kindly to translate it.

2.4 To only accept players from a certain country is against the rules.

3 English foul names on villages or in usernames are not allowed, neither is any other foul language in other languages allowed in the village names.

4 No posts what so ever may be posted in the Greek forums in English. These will be deleted and you will get an infraction.

5 Tickets made in English will not be answered to.

6 All classic game rules are also supplemented on the Greek servers. You can find the rules in English here: English Rules
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